Zelda Matembu: A Family Restored

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Care

Bubble gum and tape were all that stood between 38-year-old Zelda Matembu and the cold rain which was determined to penetrate through the holes in the tin roof of her tiny shack. Khayelitsha, the severely impoverished township in which she lives, is located on the coastline where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge. In winter months, storms are regular occurrences.

When Patrick, the pastor of the nearby Fountain of Hope Church, first met Zelda, she was living alone. Alone because her five children were taken by government social workers who had determined she was not capable of taking care of them. This determination was not based on her love for her family or her parenting ability, both of which were exceptional.

This hard decision was made because Zelda was terminally ill and living in an unventilated, leaking shack. Her illness had left her feet too swollen to make any repairs herself, and she had no income to pay for a repairman.

But God and His church are greater than any storm or illness. Patrick had implemented the Care Program in the Fountain of Hope Church. Church members were equipped to intervene, and that’s precisely what they did.

Through in-home care and warm meals Zelda was nourished back to health. Donors in the US supplied the funding used by the Fountain of Hope congregation to build her a beautiful new home.

Today, Zelda and her children once again live under the same roof. The family is restored. Their hope is restored. A restoration that only happened because a church was equipped by donors on the other side of the world to provide holistic care. This is the power of your partnership.

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