Why the Church

The local church is the platform from which Orchard: Africa operates. The reasons are simple:

1. God intends for His church to protect and holistically care for the vulnerable.

2. The Church is one of the most sustainable community based organizations in the world, able to reach where many other established organizations cannot.

3.  Christ is establishing His Church, ensuring that investments into it will last for generations to come. 

At Orchard: Africa, we are passionate about:

The Church

Caring for the vulnerable

Sustainable, holistic solutions

That is why the Church is our platform, Programs are our tools and hope in Christ is our message.

our model

Relief, Reconstruction and Development

our four programs


This is where it all starts...

To truly care for the vulnerable and implement sustainable solutions in communities, the local church has to be on board.The Ministry program focuses on training, mentoring, and equipping local African pastors and their churches to respond to the immediate needs of their own community.

Orchard: Network

The Orchard: Network is made up of pastors who want to change their community.  Here they receive training and mentorships. Members can take part in meetings in Cape Town, Zambia, or Mafikeng. Just over 650 pastors have been trained in ministry and leadership.


Network members attend specific project training based on their village needs. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and challenge leaders to look out for the vulnerable in their communities by responding to poverty and injustice.


Trained project members apply for funding to implement proven and sustainable programs and projects. Orchard: Africa assesses project plans, overall church support, and leadership potential before approval.


We both plant churches and partner with churches of capacity to be our model churches in key areas.   They serve as a guide and model to others. Every program that is run is first tested in a model church to ensure that it is effective and sustainable before expanding wider to other partner churches. 


Education is the most powerful weapon...

The Education program helps local churches start a preschool, provide an after-school learning center, and conduct life skills and entrepreneurial training for older students. A good education equips children to pursue their dreams and break the cycle of generational poverty.


Preschools are started in local churches, providing jobs for teachers and encouraging a love for learning from a very young age. Over 6,000 children have gone through our church-run preschools.This would not be possible without incredible partners like yourself.

After-School Learning Center

Children from the local primary schools not only receive assistance from church staff with homework, but also have a safe place where studying, reading and learning is encouraged.


The church facilitates life skills, vocational skills, sports, and music. This gives young adults the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to learn and be a productive member of the community.


All education programs are run by the local church. When a local church steps up to care for the vulnerable through providing education and essential life and vocational skills, poverty and injustice shrink. The projects of the Education program would not be a reality without support from people like yourself. Thank you for making an impact!

Food & Agriculture

Food security is a priority...

The Food & Agriculture program emphasizes food security by providing meals and teaching communities to grow their own food.  Using sustainable vertical, container and small scale agricultural techniques, food security becomes more of a reality to vulnerable communities. When children have nutritious food and clean water, it helps reduce illiteracy, illness, and poverty.


The primary need in a community is food security. Without food, people can’t think beyond their own survival. We change this through not only providing meals, but also educating communities on how to grow their own food.


Local churches are trained to run a daily feeding program. This provides a job for a cook, income for the pastor, and a cooked lunchtime meal for children. The Food & Agriculture program also works in conjunction with the church preschools to provide breakfast for the preschoolers every day. Nearly 10 million meals have been served to children as a result.


We train and equip churches and communities in the skill of growing food in vertical containers such as old pairs of jeans, plastic bottles, and bags. Innovative vertical and small-scale farming initiatives allow families to not only grow food for themselves, but also have enough food to sell to provide for their other needs.


The local church goes beyond being a place to gather on Sunday morning. It is an active part of the community, as it teaches, trains, and provides its community with the necessary skills to pursue a better life.


Be the hands and feet...

The Care program equips church leaders to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They care for orphans and the vulnerabe through home-based care, trauma counseling, HIV/AIDS prevention, and orphan intervention.

Compassionate care develops children with healthy souls, who have hope for their future.


Church pastors identify orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities and work with them through our specially designed intervention program, helping them cope with loss and grief. The pastors also provide support to foster parents.

Home Care

The local church engages members of its community and trains both men and women to be caregivers. These heroic caregivers visit residents in their homes and provide basic medical and hospice care for them. Together, over 200,000 home care visits have taken place.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Church leaders are trained to provide AIDS prevention programs to local high schools. HIV/AIDS infection is not inevitable – it can be prevented.


The local church equips, empowers, and cares for the community, in turn protecting the vulnerable and restoring hope.

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*Updated as of December 31st, 2019

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