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Sunday Preacher to Community Leader

Everything that Orchard: Africa does on the ground begins with quarterly Network Meetings held for local church pastors.  At these Network Meetings African Pastors are equipped and educated on ministry matters by Orchard’s founders, Mike and Michelle Tessendorf and/or another guest speaker.  These Network Meetings are all about Pastor to Pastor mentorship and accountability. 

After a church leader has attended at least a year’s worth of Network Meetings they qualify for a deeper partnership with Orchard: Africa and may apply for partnership and/or funding in our programs (Care, Education, Food & Agriculture, Ministry).  The process of going from a Sunday preacher to a community leader starts at the Orchard Network Meetings and continues as a church leader partners with us to implement other Orchard programs for their community.

The Network Meetings consist of beautiful worship through song, and fellowship together over a catered lunch.  This particular Network Meeting, held just a few weeks ago, provided teaching from Mike and Michelle as well as Robert Watson,  a guest Pastor from Sun Valley Community Church. 

When a church leader partners with Orchard beyond just the Network Meetings it results in a more one-on-one mentorship with Orchard leadership, a more equipped Sunday preacher, and a better overall community leader.

When Pastors decide and commit to go beyond being just Sunday preachers through a deeper partnership with Orchard: Africa their villages are blessed with community leaders that lead their churches to help kids with education, help families provide for themselves through agriculture training, and does home visits to care for the sick and vulnerable.

The process of discipleship that starts at the Orchard Network Meeting multiplies as the local African pastors pour their love, knowledge, and experience into young men and women in the church so that they too will grow to be community leaders.

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