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MAY 2019

Servants of Setlopo

If you were to drive just outside the Mafikeng city limits, past the overcrowded and underfunded hospital, beyond the city dump where open bags of rubbish and their remains blow around freely in the wind, you would find yourself heading in the direction of a large village called Setlopo.  This sprawling village is populated by more than 15,000 people, and is now home to Orchard: Africa’s newest preschool.  The need for early learning in this community can’t be overstated as the new school now makes up exactly one half of the early learning centers available in the village.  It is your generous giving that made this school possible, and it will be your faithful prayers that cause it to grow.  Orchard Community, as you bring your petitions to Jesus this week we challenge you to turn  the picture collage below into a prayer collage –  may your efforts fill the gap, and continue to restore hope.
The very beginnings of something beautiful…A new Fountain of Hope Church plant in Setlopo Village!
you can see the Pastor’s house in the background. We will talk more about him and his wife a bit later…
some snapshots of inside the small classroom, giving us a glimpse of a hopeful future.

Everyone’s favorite subject…snack time!  

Although the little one in the stripped shirt preferred her lunch without a side of camera man. 

Pastor Victor (in the red cap) oversees over 100 kids between the three preschools running out of his churches in Top, Molelwane, and Setlopo. In fact, the young man currently Pastoring Setlopo church grew up under Victor’s discipleship in Top Village.

Julie, the Setlopo preschool teacher, taught professionally for three years in government run schools.  She is married to Pastor William, the shepherd of Setlopo’s Fountain of Hope Church.

Posing with Julie is the preschool assistant teacher, Refilewe. The kids call her Teacher FeFe (you may call her that as well).  Teacher FeFe is a high school graduate and working towards attending university to become a teacher.  She volunteers her time at the school every day from 7:00am – 12:30pm.
Julie is receiving some training on Orchard: Africa’s curriculum.
Pastor Victor offers his insight on how to best utilize the materials and content provided.  Orchard’s curriculum has been fully developed and supplied through Orchard community members just like you.

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