Become a Project Sponsor

Projects that look beyond relief and towards developing lasting solutions for ancient issues are the most effective way to protect the vulnerable. Whether you sponsor a preschool, community garden, or an an entire church, you are empowering the most vulnerable to break free from poverty and injustice.

Why Sponsor a Project Through Orchard: Africa?

Because what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. Because your charitable deeds should stand the test of time. Because legacy matters.

Discover the Project that Means the Most to You

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll match your passions to a project.

Expect More than a “Thank You”

Funding a project is a significant investment. Which is why we’re committed to ensuring you know the full return on that investment. As an official project sponsor, here’s how we’re going to keep you connected to the impact you own.

Project Visits

As a project sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to travel at reduced rates on a Vision Trip to see your impact in action. You’ll see first hand where your investment went.

Personal Relationships

You’ll have a dedicated team member who will ensure all your needs as a sponsor are met and serve as a personal guide to understanding your full impact.

Project Reporting

Each project will have specified reporting commitments that span the length of the work so you’ll see proof of its progess and impact throughout your sponsorship.

As an added benefit to sponsoring a community project, you will become a member of Orchard: Community. Community membership gets you access to exclusive monthly updates from your preferred Orchard Program. The updates range from videos, to picture collages, to biographies and always feature real people whose lives are being changed by the Program. This is a deeper connection to what matters most – people.

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