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Why Sponsor the U.S. Office?

Orchard: Africa’s U.S. office sources the majority of all resources for the work that takes place in Southern Africa. Without the work done in the U.S. office, the work in Africa would come to a complete stand still.

The office is currently in need of $50,000 to see us through 2019. Your donation in an investment a fundraising platform that will allow us to substantially grow our donor base. In addition to covering the cost of fundraising, the investment also covers administration, donor education & feedback, and the development of many of our program toolkits that get implemented in Africa. Your sponsorship of this project makes us stronger and allows us to further the great works that you love.

How These Projects Protect the Vulnerable

Evangelism & Ministry

The U.S. office devlops digital tools that helps to spread valuable training materials, leadership courses, and sermons to the Orchard Network pastors living in even the most remote villages.


The U.S. offices is the primary source of funds for all Orchard: Africa operations. Investing in the office is an investment in our platform and our future, with an ROI that is magnitudes higher than a typical donation.

Food Security

In addition to raising the funds needed to operate the Food & Agriculture Program, the U.S. office also oversees the development of our agriculture traning course that is currently run in churches across South Africa.


The U.S. office is the primary resource for curriculum development for all our Education Programs. They do this by coordinating and managing talented volunteers who are skilled in various education disciplines.

Journey Teams

Journey Teams play a significant role in both our work in South Africa and our fundraising efforts in North America. The U.S. office handles the recruiting, logistics, and preparation for all  teams.

Health & Wellness

Whether it’s coordinating Journey Teams to bring sanitation supplies, designing the Orphan Intervention course, or raising funds, the U.S. office has it’s fingerprints all over the Care Program.

Project financials

Total Cost: $50,000

Fundraising & Donor Development

Program & Curriculum Development

Administration & Professional Services

Office & Operating Costs

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Can I give by check, ACH, or wire transfer?

Yes, we can accept all those forms of payment.

Please use the below address for mailing a check, and contact us to setup an ACH or wire donation.

312 N Alma School Rd, Ste. 17
Chandler, AZ 85224

What can go wrong with the project?

Orchard: Africa works in some of the poorest and most challenging communities in Southern Africa because that’s where the need is greatest. Given that, despite our best efforts to the project’s expectations, forces beyond our control occasionally require a change of plans. The list of uncertainties we’ve encountered is long: political policy changes, droughts, storms, and changing community needs.

No matter what happens, your donation will fund a project cost. In addition to updating you about our progress, we’ll inform you if the location of project has to change. In the unlikely event that we need to totally reallocate your funds, we’ll work with you to put them towards a project similar to the one you chose to support in the first place.

How much is the local church involved in the project?

Every step of the way. The projects aren’t “complete” until the churches receiving them are engaged and empowered to care for them.

In most cases, church leaders enlist local community members to help contstruct the project from beginning to end. For larger construction projects, we contract with in-country professionals who have the nessesary expertise and equipment. Once completed, the projects are operated & maintained by the local church and, occassionally, visiting Journey Teams.

We believe that lasting changes happens when a church and community are equipped provide for themselves.

Can I designate my donation to a specific village?

We have been working in Africa for almost three decades.  We ask that you trust that we know which village/s are ready to receive sponsorship and at what level.  We want both you and the village to succeed.  We ask that you choose a program and allow us to choose the village.  Ofcourse we will consult with you as much as you need us to.

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