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The Need for the Project

Entrepreneurs are being trained and mentored in small business startup and management. The entrepenuers, who all come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have different types of businesses they wish to grow, and have proven to be driven and eager to succeed so that they can be meaningful contributors to their local communities.

Once their training is complete they will present their business plans to a panel of business men, and those with the potential to succeed will be given a small business startup grant. The purpose of this project is to raise $10,000 to fund multiple small grants, based on the capacity of each entrepreneur.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of an economy, and are vital for ending the poverty cycle that has gripped the communities we serve for generations.

How This Project Protects the Vulnerable


Advanced education is essential for developing the next generation of business and community leaders. The courses taught through this program strengthen the entrepreneur’s acumen and confidence. 

Health & Wellness

The ability to earn steady income gives someone increased access to better sanitation, living conditions, and health care. Bennefitting not only themsleves, but their entire family.   

technical skills

The entrepreneurs are taught how to used computers and technology. In this increasingly digital world, these skills are not a luxury, but rather a neccessity for starting and managing a successful business.

Food Security

An entrepreneur who does not have to fret about where their next meal will come from has more mental & physical energy to pour into their business. Thanks to the income they earn, they can afford a healthy diet.

Work & Income

Jobs for residents in the communities we serve are scarce and low paying. A growing small business not only provides for its owner, but also provides jobs and income for others in the community. This is lasting change.

Evangelism & Ministry

As these entrepreneurs grow their business, they are also able to increase their contributions to their local church. This allows the church to increase its ministry and become self-sustaining.

Project reporting

As the project sponsor, you’ll receive detailed reports that provide greater detail on the project, show the project’s progress, and demonstrate its impact. Each of these projects is estimated to take 12 months to complete.


Project Info

  • Sent after grants are funded
  • Intro to the entrepreneurs and their prospective businesses
  • Project timelines & goals

Progress Report

  • Midterm update sent after work on the ground has reached it’s midway point.
  • Progress of the traning and mentorship
  • Photos of classromm & field work

Completion Report

  • Sent after the training is completed and grants are rewarded
  • Photos of the entrepreneurs 
  • Details on the winning business plans

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Can I give by check, ACH, or wire transfer?

Yes, we can accept all those forms of payment.

Please use the below address for mailing a check, and contact us to setup an ACH or wire donation.

312 N Alma School Rd, Ste. 17
Chandler, AZ 85224

What can go wrong with the project?

Orchard: Africa works in some of the poorest and most challenging communities in Southern Africa because that’s where the need is greatest. Given that, despite our best efforts to the project’s expectations, forces beyond our control occasionally require a change of plans. The list of uncertainties we’ve encountered is long: policies change, political policy changes, entrepreneur dropouts, and changing community needs.

No matter what happens, we promise that your donation will fund project costs. In addition to updating you about our progress, we’ll inform you if the location of project has to change. In the unlikely event that we need to totally reallocate your funds, we’ll work with you to put them towards a project similar to the one you chose to support in the first place. 

How much is the local church involved in the project?

Every step of the way. The primary goal of the grants is strengthen the local church by strengthening its local economy.

Can I designate my donation to a specific entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurs selected for this program have gone through a pre-qualification process designed to identify the individuals that would steward the investments well and are committed to improving their communities. They are also continually assesses throughout their training & mentorship. So we ask that you trust the mentors & traininers to identify the best candidates and invest in each deserving entrepreneur equally. 

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