Obakeng and Happyboy: A New Generation of Leaders

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Ministry

Sustainable ministry requires that there is always a new generation of leaders being developed to follow in the footsteps of their mentors and pastors. When there are churches that have become pillars of hope in their communities due to their effective response to poverty and injustice, strong generational leadership is imperative.

The rural villages of Madutle and Khunotswane both have such pillars. Their respective churches, both of which are Fountain of Hope Churches, have a sharp focus on finding and developing new pastors. Obakeng and Happyboy (which is both his first name and definition) are two young men that are a great example of this.

Obakeng, who is from Madutle, and Happyboy, from Khunotswane, were identified as young men who were ready, willing and able to step into the next level of ministry for their lives – to become Intern Pastors at the Fountain of Hope churches. But when the senior pastor for the region was called to plant a new work in the Western Cape province, Obakeng, Happyboy, and their churches faced a significant obstacle.

Both men needed ministerial and theological training, but formal Biblical training is costly. The churches are both situated within economically disadvantaged villages, and these young men could not afford the Bible school tuition.

Thankfully, neither the churches nor the young pastors were alone. Quite the opposite. They were connected to a host of supporters and fellow churches on the other side of the Atlantic. They had partners, who, through Orchard: Africa, provided the funds Obakeng and Happyboy needed to cover their tuition. They both attended Bible School and both graduated at the end of 2016.

The  flourishing ministries in their home churches continue under the new leadership. The villages have sustained pillars of hope. The partnership that spanned an ocean bore lasting fruit!

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