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by | Jun 22, 2017 | Orchard News

It’s been just over two weeks since the largest storm in 30 years hit the Western Cape of South Africa, and Orchard: Africa’s area staff and partner churches have been diligently providing relief to urgent needs. But while immediate relief is critical in times of need, how much better is it to go beyond relief and also rebuild for a better future?

Nontyatyambo Totoyi has 8 children and no place of her own. She lives in a shack room at the back of one of Orchard: Africa’s partner churches in Nkanini, a district of the impoverished township of Khayelitsha. Her home is too small for her whole family, so four of her children live elsewhere and some in abusive situations. A former abuse victim herself, she yearns to reunite and protect her family.

“I meet many needy people in Khayelitsha, but when I entered Nontyatyambo’s house and saw how cramped her family is in the house, I couldn’t hold my tears.”

Ps. Patrick Mokgosi |Founatin of Hope Church | Khayelitsha

Pastor Patrick, who is leading Orchard: Africa’s relief efforts in the area, met Nontyatyambo when she came to the relief station to replace the mattress & blankets she lost in the storm. He took that opportunity to learn more about her and then visited her one-room home where he learned of her full needs – needs that went beyond relief from the cold winter nights.

Because supporters like you have given to the Western Cape Storm Relief Campaign, Nontyatyambo’s needs will be met. Not only does she have new bedding, she’s also going to have a new home built that can house her whole family. She now has means to sustain her family too, as she’s receiving a stipend for being a champion for the Orchard: Africa Agriculture Program her local church is running, and with her own space can start a home garden to grow her own food.  

Nontyatyambo’s family’s life story is about to be rebuilt because others acted quickly and generously.

Don’t wait – with just a few clicks, you too can help rebuild a family’s entire life story.

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