Kealeboga: Healing a Broken Heart

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Food & Agriculture

At night, Kealeboga Natshane was living a nightmare. Her mother had passed away. Her days were long and filled with anxiety. She simply wanted to wake up from the bad dream that her life had become.

Kealeboga lived in a village that had been forgotten by economic development. A place where living was surviving, and where hope seemed like a distant star. But the village now had a church. A Fountain of Hope Church that had built a reputation of meeting both spiritual and physical needs in her community. Seeking answers and relief, she sought out the pastor and began asking questions. What she found was hope. What was once a galaxy away, she now found in Christ.

Empowered by this new hope, Kealeboga quickly sought to be involved in the church. The church was in the process of implementing the Agriculture Program and needed volunteers willing to take on the challenge of growing food where food had not grown before. She volunteered, though she knew nothing about farming or agriculture.

That was five years ago. Today, the once barren patch of land next to her church is a beautiful garden blossoming under her care. She now works full time as Orchard: Africa’s regional Food & Agriculture Manager, where she oversees the agriculture projects in numerous churches and manages a team of interns from EARTH University.

Kealeboga as she mends greenhouse netting.

Agriculture has changed Kealeboga’s life and taught her valuable lessons about personal and spiritual growth. Through it God has taught her responsibility, work ethic, and focus. She refuses to let setbacks in life distract her from what she intends to do. Whether it be the loss of a loved one or the loss of crops, Kealeboga knows that God is her strength and she takes comfort in Him every day and night.

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