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Why Go on a Journey with Orchard: Africa?

Because changing a life is worth it, especially when it’s both yours and someone else’s. Because this journey is more than a week in South Africa, it’s relationships that last a lifetime. Because your story matters!




where you can go


See where we started and experience rural village community.

Mafikeng is a small city surrounded by multiple rural villages. We have been working here for over twenty years with multiple generations. Village life still exists as the area was designated a homeland during Apartheid. Village life is all about community and relationships. Spend time serving in 3 to 5 villages, partnering with our church programs and pastors.

Mafikeng & The North West

Mafikeng, the capital of the North West province, is a small city surrounded by multiple rural villages. This is where our organization began over 25 years ago. Village life still exists, as the area was designated a homeland during Apartheid. Village life is all about community. The pace of life is slow and steady, and relationships are very important. Spend time serving in 2 or 3 villages, partnering with our church programs and pastors.

Life in the North West

Life in the North West province is simple and slow. The more rural areas can have difficulty feeding their families, finding quality education, and getting the care they need when they are sick. Seeing the conditions of a rural village may first be a little shocking to you, but walking through and seeing the abundance of smiles and laughter and families helps you see the strong sense of community in the slower-paced village lifestyle. Whether you teach a preschooler that they are special, share your heart with adults trying to gain new life skills, or teach a single mother how to grow her own food, it’ll be the people you meet that you’ll remember more than what you did.

Where You'll Be Staying

A critical component to a successful Journey is having a safe, relaxing oasis where you can decompress from all that you experience each day and bond with your teammates. Orchard: Africa’s 18-bed guesthouse is just that. With Western amenities, and clean, comfortable living spaces, you’ll feel immersed in the Mafikeng culture, yet perfectly at home.


Come be a part of the movement in the Western Cape, and serve God in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

We have been working with communities in the Western cape for the last several years and have made immense progress. Khayelitsha is now the largest township in South Africa. From the launch of our new church to our life skills and vertical farming initiatives, there are countless opportunities to impact the people of the Western Cape.

Cape Town and Khayelitsha

The Western Cape province is a place of great contrast. Cape Town, located on the Cape of Good Hope and at the base of the natural wonder of the world, Table Mountain, is modern, wealthy, and home to over 3 million residents. Khayelitsha, located just a short drive down the road, is underdeveloped, poor, and home to over a million residents. The two are only 19 miles apart, but worlds away from each other.

Life in Khayelitsha

The name Khayelitsha is Xhosa for New Home. For the millions of travelers who have come & gone over the years, it was likely not the new home they were hoping for. Living conditions are incredibly cramped, with multiple families often occupying a one room tin shack. Hunger is a daily battle, as extreme unemployment and a terrain ill-suited for agriculture leaves most parents unable to feed their families. The most vulnerable are the women and children, who are usually left to fend for themselves. In and around Khayelitsha is where Orchard: Africa’s work lies, and it is here that you’ll find amazing hope amidst great hardship.

Where You'll Be Staying

After a long day of working in Khayelitsha, you’ll need a sanctuary to retreat to. A place to decompress, bond with your teammates, and think back to all the people you’ve met during your Journey. Our 27-bed guesthouse, nestled safely in the Cape Town suburb of Somerset West, is the sanctuary you’ll need. With a beautiful garden, mountain views, and modern amenities, you’ll have peace of mind, body and spirit throughout your stay.

Trip Activities


  • Teach Life Skills Classes
  • Pray with and for Pastors
  • Support FOH Churches
  • Share Our Vision


  • Visit Preschool Classrooms
  • Run VBS Programs
  • Participate in After School Learning Programs
  • Mentor Teachers and Students

Food & Agriculture

  • Assist Community Garden
  • Teach Vertical Farming
  • Visit Home Gardens
  • Get Your Hands Dirty!


  • Go on Home Visits in a village
  • Watch the AIDS Prevention Program
  • Facilitate an Orphan Intervention Course
  • Share Christ’s Love

What other Journeyers are saying

“Little did I know the impact that Orchard: Africa would have on our team. I co-led a team of university students to Mafikeng and my life was forever changed. We experienced a love for the people of South Africa that none of us expected, but are immensely grateful for. Once a part of the Orchard family, always a part of the Orchard family!”

MATT HUARD | Team Leader | Grand Canyon University

“On my first trip to South Africa I was not aware of what we’d be doing or what kind of impact we’d make. During the trip I experienced something I’ve never felt before: a calling to care for God’s people. I’ve gone back every year since, and each time I go I’m amazed by what God is doing through Orchard.”

MICHAEL BURGARD | 2014 – 2017 Team Member | Sun Valley Community Church

“Throughout life we experience places, meet people, and build memories that can change the way we look at things. Sometimes the effect that they have on us can fade away as we get back into a routine and return to ‘normal’. For me, the time that our team spent in South Africa was not a trip that you could easily recover from, nor do I want to!”

STEVEN DEVRIES | 2016 Team Member | Michigan

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