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October 2019

Impact From Repurposing

Recycling, upcycling and repurposing saves the environment.  For Orchard: Africa it has also been a cost-effective way to assist our church partners to grow their ministry to the community.

Orchard: Africa donated four converted shipping containers to two of our partner churches.    The shipping containers now have windows, a door, painted walls and either carpeting or other flooring.

Here is what the two churches are doing with them.

The Gospel Church of Power

in Site C Khayelitsha

Pastor Raymond, a long standing church partner who runs a very effective pre-school is using one of the containers as a facility to grow his baby-care.  Parents who work need a safe environment for their children during the day and one of the converted shipping containers will be used for this ministry.  The second container will go to the opposite end of the human spectrum.  Pastor Raymond will be using it to further his care program to the elderly.   From this container, food will be cooked and it will double up as a meeting area for the older folk of the community.

Moving the containers is a big job!

Pastor Raymond’s new containers


Fountain of Hope

in Nkanini, Khayelitsha

Pastor Happyboy has been living in a tin shack adjacent to the church.  One of the containers is already being used as a home for him.  Instead of a dirt floor, he now has a raised home (above the ground when it rains) with good flooring, windows that open and shut and a solid roof above his head.  The second container will be used to house the pre-school, that currently meets in the tin-shack church building.  The fact that this provides a solid structure, a raised and solid floor and good ventilation is a huge step toward his pre-school being able to access government grants that will help with running costs such as teacher’s salaries.

Pastor Happyboy’s old house

Pastor Happyboy’s new house

 It is because of the support of people like you that these tremendous improvements were able to be made.  You own this impact!

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