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August 2019


Lindeka lives with her two grandsons in Khayelitsha, which is mostly a sprawling shanty-town on the southernmost tip of South Africa.  Her daughter, the mother of these two boys, is disabled so Lindeka is raising them. It has not been easy for her. She is unemployed and only has her small government old-age pension as a source of income.  With this she has done her best for her disabled daughter and her fast-growing grandsons.  

Three years ago a church opened close to her tiny tin-shack home.  She started attending with her grandsons and soon became a pillar of this little Christian community.

For the past four years Lindeka’s grandsons have received a cooked lunchtime meal after school at this church. Lindeka has become the cook for the feeding project, for which she receives a stipend, which provides much needed financial help for the family.  Lindeka attended an agricultural course at the church and received training, soil and seeds. With the help of her two grandsons, Lindeka now have a thriving vertical garden growing spinach, beets, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables. Lindeka’s disabled daughter receives daily visits from the church care-givers and her two grandsons attend the afterschool learning center run by the church.   Sunday mornings will find this family worshiping and being fed both spiritually and physically.   

Lindeka is a beneficiary of all four programs of Orchard: Africa – Food & Agriculture, Education, Care and Ministry.

During June of this year, Orchard: Africa served our 10 millionth meal.  We got to this wonderful milestone by equipping and empowering churches just like the one that Lindeka attends.  These village churches are the lifeblood of communities all across Africa, reaching where other agencies and organizations cannot. Christ is building his Church and Lindeka’s small village church is right there as part of the Church that Jesus is building.  

You, our Orchard community,  have made this possible.  You have been found laboring alongside our Lord Jesus, building his Church. 

The very first pot of food that Orchard: Africa cooked provided about 30 meals.  How did we get to serve 10 million meals?  Entirely because of faithful people like you.  

There are over 600 pastors in the Orchard Network, all of whom have a Lindeka in their church.  On behalf of all the Lindeka’s out there and the hundreds of pastors in the villages where we serve, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Michelle Tessendorf


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