Hiring Staff & Compensation

Who do we hire?

Orchard: Africa will hire people who are capable and competent, who work diligently, who are passionate about our mission and who fit in with our culture.

What do we pay?

In return for service, we will not exploit our staff simply because they work in ministry/the non-profit sector.  Rather, we will compensate them to the best of our ability and within reasonable comparative scales.

The Board regularly appoints a Compensation Committee. This committee uses a broad-based comparative tool to determine salary scales for Orchard: Africa.  The Executive staff work within the approved salary scale when hiring staff or granting increases. 

Note:  The current tool being used is “The Non Profit Times Salary Benefits Report”.[1]  Based on comparative salaries for similar organizations (income level, sector, location), the Compensation Committee has recommended and the Board has approved that Orchard: Africa work within the median to 75-percentile scale.

What about hiring family?

We recognize the possibility that members of a family are very likely to have a passion and sense of calling to the same ministry and will be involved in that ministry together. This involvement may then lead to opportunities of full time employment with the ministry. In cases where more than one family member is to be hired by Orchard: Africa, the hire of the second or subsequent family members is to be ratified at executive level.  Staff members are treated as unique and separate from each other.  No undue benefit nor prejudice will be shown toward related family members based on the other’s staff level, performance or salary level.

Staff privacy

Orchard: Africa salary scales are currently set according to The Non-Profit Times Salary Benefit Reports.  In the interest of transparency, this report is easily accessed and available online for anyone’s perusal.  Staff members are entitled to personal privacy so individual salaries are considered confidential and will only be made public as required by law.

How do staff salaries get accounted for in our Financial Statements?

Orchard: Africa adheres to the accounting principles of GAAP.  Financial statements provide information about expenses, reported by their functional classification.  Salaries are thus allocated according to the staff member’s main function.  Salaries of Administration staff are reported against Admin, Fund Raising staff against Fund Raising and Program staff against the relevant Programs, or where relevant, divided amongst all these categories according to work %.  These allocations are made across all geographic regions where staff serve.

[1] This report provides detailed information on 94 employee benefit programs and 236 nonprofit positions with key performance metrics that can be used to benchmark salary and benefit practices.

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