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One of the things required for a local church in South Africa to receive funding for a feeding project through Orchard: Africa is that they also must have a working agricultural program.  This agriculture program could be a willingness to train community members in vertical gardening techniques on a monthly basis and/or a church garden to help make a feeding project sustainable.  Dihatswane village in the North West province has been working on a church garden of their own for over a year now (see update from March). 

Before Orchard: Africa was willing to fund a greenhouse garden for the church we had to see that they were serious about being stewards of the land they currently had.  Taking initiative as a church they cleared a piece of land on the property and started their own garden.  Over the course of the year since that garden was started the church has shown they will do what it takes to maintain a greenhouse garden of their own. 

Partnering with a local church in Phoenix that recently visited South Africa, Dihatswane was finally able to build their much deserved green house garden.  With all the hard work put into their new garden Dihatswane Church has every intention of carrying a sustainable agriculture program.

Before a greenhouse could be built the makings of the old garden had to be removed.  As is often the case, in death new life can be born.

Next step in the building process was to lay the foundation of the structure by digging holes for the support poles.  Concrete had to be mixed and poured around the beams to ensure the greenhouse will stand strong for a long time.  Even Pastor J.R. (See a bio on him from last month’s ministry update) got involved with all the hard work (first picture in this grouping).

Phase three included attaching all the cross beams that the green house netting would eventually be fastened to.  This part of the construction was  able to be attended to by a limited amount of volunteers due to only having so many ladders and chairs to stand on.  However, as you will no doubt see in the next group of pictures, there was still plenty of other work to be done for those eager to get their hands dirty.

Kealeboga (the North West Garden Manager) and Journey Team member Jenny work side by side sewing the green netting together so that it will be ready to lay over the structure once it is completed. 

Recycled tires are cut up by Journey Team members so that the pieces can be nailed through to fasten the green house netting to the wood frame.

Journey Team member Dom gives one of the village teens a ride – he didn’t even ask for any tips when the ride finished. 

The Daddy and daughter team, Tony and Elery, work on making raised beds to place in the greenhouse once it is completed.

When it cam to hanging the green netting over the frame it required all hands on deck.  Well, almost all hands, apparently Journey Team member Lexa briefly stepped away from the work to crack jokes with Gert, one of the hardworking local volunteers. 

After a week of hard work, teaching agriculture courses in the morning and building a green house in the afternoons, both the Journey Team and the church in Dihatswane were able to celebrate at all they had accomplished as one Orchard: Community. 

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