Gogontle and Bakhena: Education Matters

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Education

Gogontle Mogapi is  five years old and lives in Top Village with her seven year old brother, Bakhena. Their mother is unemployed and the only income she has is the tiny government subsidy she receives for her children, which is only enough to pay for the basics of living and food. There are no books, crayons or toys in their household, and sending her children to preschool for early learning was not something she could even consider. When it came time for her children to start first grade, she had no idea how she would be able to pay for their school uniforms and other supplies.

A Fountain of Hope Church, which exists because of your support, saw this mother’s dilemma and stepped in. Gogontle and her brother were invited to a end the church preschool. When Bakhena left to start first grade, he was provided with a school uniform and supplies. In December 2016, Gogontle graduated from preschool and the same has been provided for her. In January, 2017, when schools start up for the year, she will begin school with a shiny new uniform, but even be er, with the skills and con dence to succeed in her on-going educa on.

Gogontle, her brother Bakhena, and hundreds of other children that are just like them know that their educa on is secure because of your generosity and kindness.


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