Give Hope to the Vulnerable

Whether you donate once or give monthly, your giving impacts lives

GuideStar Platimun Participant
501(c)3 Approved


Feeds and cares for a child for a month


Feeds and cares for a child for a month
+ Pays for a child to attend preschool


Feeds and cares for a child for a month + Pays for a child to attend preschool + Supports a pastor to care for their community

or   $85 / month provides training, equipping and mentoring to a church leader, turning them from being only Sunday preachers into true Community Leaders.

Invest with a partner you can trust

What other Investors are saying…

“An outstanding organization run by some of the finest people we know. It’s so good to invest in a charity that really cares and uses their resources wisely and for the Kingdom of God! Love never fails!” Larry & Stacy Callaway

Donors for more than 10 years

“Our emphasis has been in partnering with a ministry that is transforming lives with the gospel. We’re very blessed to see this continuing partnership as we approach almost 10 years of working together.” Jeff Ruby

Sr. Pastor, La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church

“God is accomplishing incredible things through Orchard: Africa. Global Outreach at GCU is blessed to partner and multiply our efforts together, bringing others into the Kingdom of God” Blake Small

Global Outreach Manager, Grand Canyon University

Trust in transparency

2017 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

owning your impact

Orchard: Community is a way to own your impact through a deeper connection and a monthly donation. The donations you make have real, tangible outcomes attached to them – outcomes that you own!

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orchard: community is…

A Deeper Connection

As a Community member, you’ll get to enjoy more than a relationship with an organization. You’ll get to connect with real people benefitting from your support. People like little Resegofetse who lives in a rural village in South Africa.

A Deeper Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that all of our Community members are kept up to date on the success stories attributed to their support.

Each month you will receive a different kind of update – one month may be a photo collage, another month a detailed written story, and another month a video. No matter what kind of update it is, you will always get to see the impact you are making. You will always know the impact you own!

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