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Why Fundraise for Orchard: Africa?

Because hope is worth restoring. Because we’ve seen how powerful fundraisers are when their creativity is unleased. Because it’s easy and fun!

How it works

STEP one

Believe that the church should protect and care for the vulnerable, and then do what you love to do.

Launching your fundraiser only takes a few minutes. Choose something fun to do. Pick a goal. Pick the cause & campaign you want to fundraise for, and you’re all set to start raising money to help churches in Southern Africa restore hope in their communities.

STEP two

Get the word out! Fundraising is fun, especially when you have a crowd participating with you.

When you have the fundraiser setup, hop online and get people involved in it. You can write emails, make an Instagram or Snapchat story, create a YouTube video, or live stream on Facebook. However it is you meet with people, share with them why you are passionate about the cause, and ask them to get involved. And have fun!

STEP Three

Meet the people you’ve helped and see the impact you own!

All the money you raise helps local churches protect the vulnerable in their community, giving real people hope in Christ and hope for a better future. We want you to meet some of these people, so we’ll report back to you with info about how the money you raised helped change their lives.

you can do anything to support the church


Asked for donations instead of gifts for 6 consecutive birthdays.

Raised $6,000+


Went Christmas carolling in a tuxedo.

Raised $800

brown family

Ran a lemonade stand and bake sale for their neighborhood.

Raised $1,000+

texas raptor run

Offroad Ford Raptor truck rally and race (called Raptoberfest) to raise money for charities, including Orchard: Africa.

Raised $14,000+

summer vbs

Donations from kindergarten – 3rd grade students who attended Sun Valley Community Church’s Vacation Bible School.

Raised $10,500+

school coin drive

Blythe-Bower Elementary School held a coin drive to raise money for fellow students in South Africa.

Raised $150

How do you want to unleash your creativity for the church?

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