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Extreme Home Makeover: South Africa Edition

Two homes were in need of repair.  One of the homes had leaks, cracks, and holes in places that didn’t belong.  The other home had too many mouths to feed and too little income to make ends meet.  One house needed an experienced worker to do some fixing, while the other needed an educational opportunity to increase family revenue.  

Two interns, both retirees, brought their life experience and skill sets to Mafikeng.  Below is the fully illustrated story of the impact they made in the two homes mentioned above.

Above: Meet Greg and Lane!  Lane can be seen working with Kealeboga in the garden, and helping do some prep for painting.  Greg can be seen standing beside Mmolotsi as they discuss tiling stuff and doing the floss dance on the Land Rover (Lane may have been more productive than Greg during the internship).  They meshed with all the staff well!
Above: Greg and Lane didn’t waste anytime rallying the local staff and hired help to get the projects rolling.  The roof is being sealed and painted, the bathrooms completely demoed, and Mmototsi learning some tiling alongside MacD. 
Above: The bathrooms all finished, including double sinks and individual cubbies for a better mission team member experience!  The bedrooms got new beds, bedding, curtains, ceiling fans, and a fresh coat of paint! The exterior got lots of new paint all over! 
Above: Mmolotsi is one of two sons that Johanas, the Orchard: Africa gardener, has living at home with him.  Mmolotsi has had trouble finding work and jumped at the oppurtunity to learn tiling under Greg. Mmolotsi committed over a month to learning the trade and the results show for themselves!

Above: The bathroom you see was done last after Mmolotsi observed and learned from Greg in the first two bathrooms.  This third bathroom Mmolotsi completed almost entirely on his own! He did an especially nice job on the shower which required lots of cuts and detail!


As a result of the education and training Mmolotsi received from Greg and Lane he was able to get additional work with a contractor laying tile!  Johanas couldn’t be more proud of his son and he’s very grateful for the income Mmolotsi is now contributing to their household.

It’s through community members like you and the Boeh’s that Orchard: Africa is able to have a functioning home for missions in which we can continually educate others on how to better care for their households.  


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