Storm Relief for Western Cape’s Vulnerable

On Tuesday, June 6th, the worst winter storm in 30 years hit the Western Cape of South Africa. The multitudes who live in extreme poverty and small shacks on Khayelitsha’s sandy coastline are in dire need of relief and restoration. Adding to the crisis, a second storm has brought snowfall and icy temperatures to the region, and numerous fires have broken out and claimed many houses.  The vulnerable need your help!

Partner With Orchard in Our Real Time Disaster Relief

“Please partner with Orchard: Africa to help the affected families rebuild their homes, and get blankets and food for their children. We have been praying with the families, but prayers are not enough. The cold wind is blowing while rain is pouring. We can not peacefully sleep while we know that our brethren are homeless.

Please help us to help our people!”

Ps. Patrick Mokgosi | Fountain of Hope Church, Khayelitsha

How your support protects the vulnerable

$20 USD

Provides a Box of Food to a Hungry Family

$50 USD

Provides a Warm Blanket and Mattress to Protect Against the Winter Cold

$300 USD

Repairs a Damaged Shack for Those Currently Without a Home

$500 USD

Helps Build a Relief Station & Church to Provide Ongoing Support

the relief campaign

Launched 06/08/17. Updated as of 07/05/17.

Our Goal

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