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September 2019

A Day in the Life of McDonald

MacDonald is the second born of twins. His tribal name is Pitsonyane. He is the smaller of the two boys born to his mother, so she named him “Little Gathering”.  The western name she gave him is MacDonald.  At Orchard: Arica, is he known as MacD.  All who meet him, love him.  He has a quick, broad smile and a quiet, dependable nature.   A typical work-day for him is varied and provides him many opportunities to allow Jesus to minister through him to those with whom he interacts.

MacDonald, you are a superstar.  Orchard: Africa is honored to have you as part of our team. You make us better!


Every job has paper work. The day starts at the Orchard: Africa office/mission house, completing reports and doing administration.

Next is a quick meeting with the house cleaner, Ellen, making sure she has all she needs to do her job.

Some conversations about garden supplies with Johannes,  the mission house gardener,  comes next.

Preparing for the day ahead requires collecting supplies from the office to be delivered to village church projects.

And we’re off for the day’s work in the communities. Part of MacD’s job is monitoring and evaluating the projects Orchard: Africa funds. This is a vital part of ensuring that churches maintain a high standard.

Meeting with a pre-school teacher to find out what challenges she is facing and how Orchard: Africa can help.

A foundational and key project for Orchard: Africa is the feeding projects we start and support. MacDonald checks the quantity and quality of the food provided, ensuring that children receive a nutritious meal.

Orchard: Africa helps provide supplies to village care givers who visit the sick in their homes. Visiting these care givers and providing moral and prayer support is deeply appreciated when their job becomes emotionally draining.

Agriculture is a big emphasis for Orchard: Africa. A visit to a church garden we support provides both encouragement and gives us an opportunity to check that a high standard is maintained.

Orchard: Africa helped one of our pastors start a goat business.  Visiting this project is a joy as the goats are fascinating creatures.

The work day ends back at the mission house, inspecting the Orchard: Africa model garden with Kealeboga, our Agriculture Manager.

After a productive day ministering to the community, MacDonald goes home to his wife, Refilwe, and his son Onthatile.

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